Our Faith

St James is a Christian church in the Anglican tradition. We know that people have very different views about and experience of faith.

Throughout the world all Christians believe three things:

  • There is a God.
  • God touched this planet around 2,000 years ago in Jesus.
  • That matters!

Christians believe in a God who is holy and just, loving and active and interested in being in relationship with us all. God wants us to share and experience this love and allow it to inform our approach to life. Christians believe that Jesus was a living example of this love and our faith is centered around accepting this and trying to live out what he taught about God. Jesus taught about a kingdom — not a geographical area but a place where God is accepted. In this Kingdom people would do what is good not because they are afraid of what would happen if they didn’t, but because they are motivated by wanting the best. ‘A new command I give you,’ Jesus told his followers. ‘Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.’ God asks us to consider a change of heart and mind as he invites us to share in this truth.

Over two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus of Nazareth remains one of the most talked-about and influential people who have ever lived. He is the source and focus of our faith and we could all do with learning more about him so begin your journey by taking a look a website designed to help you explore faith further here.

The Church is the name for the family of God and we are part of this new community, as linked together as legs and feet, arms and hands. Thus God began a whole renewal of creation.

We all struggle to find answers to some of life’s big issues and our experience is that in coming together as church we can support each other better on our journey to God. If you have specific questions or issues about the Christian faith then explore these with us at St James or find out more online at www.christianity.org.uk.

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