The people of St James’ meet together on Sundays in our beautiful church building to worship God.  We have two services: Rise & Shine and Parish Communion.

Rise & Shine is our new 45 minute Sunday service at 9.30am to which everyone is welcome, but which has families with young children especially in mind.  It is a very informal service held at the back of the church with lively songs, times of quiet, and content for both children and adults.  Usually service books are not used, but the whole service is projected on a big screen.  Click here to go the Rise & Shine page.

Parish Communion is a service of Holy Communion at 10.30am, which lasts for around an hour and a quarter. You are very welcome to join us. There is no dress-code or prior experience of faith or Christian belief necessary before coming along. The whole service is projected on a big screen so it is easy to follow. You can also listen to previously recorded sermons from our Sunday Parish Communion services.  After the service there is the opportunity to receive prayer for any kind of need in the chapel at the back of the church. This is confidential and you are welcome to ask for prayer without having to give any explanation if you prefer.

Children and Young People on Sundays
Rise & Shine is our main provision for young children on Sundays.  Children are welcome at our Parish Communion Service, but there is no explicit provision for them there.  However, there is a children’s corner at the back of the church for pre-school children to use during the service. To find out more please feel free to contact us.

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